The Newfoundland Puppy: Early Care, Early Training

by Judi Adler

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This best-selling manual is the perfect resource for the Newfoundland puppy owner. It features over 100 photos and dozens of sketches, and has in-depth chapters on grooming, feeding, and veterinary care. It has common sense advice on how to choose a suitable puppy. Extensive chapters help the new owner be successful when training for water work, obedience, puppy kindergarten training, draft (carting) work, backpacking, conformation and tracking. Plus much, much more! An extensive source guide lists dozens and dozens of books, magazines, supplies, dog clubs, and miscellaneous products suited for this wonderful breed. Breeders nationwide agree itís by far the best book available for the new puppy owner.

Table of Contents

Foreword 2
Table of Contents 3
The Silas Letter 4
Is It A Match? 5
Basic Care 7
Feeding 9
Shelter 11
Housetraining 15
Grooming 18
Veterinary Care 27
Companionship 38
The Birds and the Bees 41
Choosing The Perfect Puppy 44
Nine Noís In A Nutshell 52
Some Thoughts on Training 53
Obedience 64
Kindergarten Puppy Training 79
Conformation 98
Water Training 113
Carting & Sledding 124
Tracking 134
Backpacking 143
Agility 147
We're Bored. What'll We Do Today? 157
Source Guide 164
Anatomy of a Newfoundland 167
Appendix 168
Index 171

Fourth Edition, 1998. Softcover, 170 pages

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