Chenille Creations


Judi began collecting vintage chenille decades ago. Not the new kind you buy in the fabric store, but the kind in classic bathrobes and old-fashioned bedspreads. The 100% cotton stuff – back before there were synthetics. Chenille becomes unbelievably soft and comfy, and Judi used her stash primarily to make custom baby quilts and accessories. What a wonderful welcome to a new baby in the family.


Gently stuffed chenille animals make the softest pillows imaginable in a baby’s room. The yellow butterfly, sage green Newf, pale aqua turtle and pink rabbit were made in colors to go with the expectant mother’s nursery décor.






This soft chenille quilt was created for a very-much-anticipated first baby. The parents-to-be wanted a quilt “like an alphabet book but not an alphabet book,” with designs their baby could recognize as he got older. The thirty designs appliqued in cotton calico include a Newf and varied dog gear, land and sea creatures, children’s toys, a sun and moon - and in the upper left corner, as requested, an angel to watch over their new arrival.






A businesswoman who spends far too much time at the office ordered a chenille quilt that would soften her industrial-grey place of work. She wanted a design that she could throw over the back of the loveseat in her office, a design that would look “right side up” when viewed from either side of the couch. And she wanted hearts and Newfoundlands, in soft blues. This did the trick.






A generously sized lap quilt, roughly 40x72, made from nearly one hundred narrow-to-wide strips of chenille in blues, greens and purples. It’s the cuddliest thing imaginable, just right for curling up with a cup of tea when the temperature drops.






An ocean-themed quilt, with chenille patches and border and calico appliqued designs. The owner’s Newf takes center stage, surrounded by sea shells, seahorse, dolphin and lighthouse. The muted grey-blue colors and seashore designs are restful and inviting. Perfect for a baby – or for any beach-visitor who wants to curl up with a cup of tea, a book in hand, listening to the ocean.


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