Paintings and Portraits

Judi Adler creates Newfoundland portraits in many venues: watercolor, acrylic, paper, fabric. It all starts with the right photograph – and with that in hand, she goes to work.

Over the years, the Adlers have taken numerous stunning photos of their Newfoundlands, and that inspired a lovely series of 8x10 watercolor portraits. To add a bit of color, each Newf wore a wreath of flowers around its neck: roses, dogwood, marigolds, pansies, carnations, or sweet peas.




A Newf owner contacted Judi, asking for “big” portraits that showed her dogs’ “big” personalities. The two dogs were a lovely combination of alert, enthusiastic, and totally sweet, and that’s what Judi hoped would be evident in the 11x14 paintings.






Just paper, scissors, and glue: that’s what went into this artwork. Snippets of heavy art-grade paper in greys, taupes, and blacks come together to create a portrait of a very special Newfoundland. The three-dimensional nature of cut-and-pasted paper adds interest and texture. The collage is big – 16x20 – and it’s as impressive as the dog himself. Judi has made several of these cut-paper portraits in the last few years. She loves the feeling of being back in second grade, with nothing on her desk but the simplest materials.





These original 16x20” acrylic portraits of a Berner backpacking dog and a Berner draft dog were created as auction items for a Bernese Mountain Dog event. And they brought in a gratifying amount of money, being the most-bid-for items of the evening.







What do you get for two sisters who have everything? Judi suggested painted wicker picnic baskets, and they were, indeed, the perfect gifts. (As you can see, one sister has a big mellow Newf, the other sister has a pair of little frou-frou lap dogs.


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