Chapter Ten

Eight Weeks Old

And then it’s here. That magic time. Eight weeks of age. The perfect time for the puppy to make the switch from his wonderful early life at Sweetbay to his wonderful future life with his new owners.


When the puppies turn eight weeks, they are eminently ready to go to their new homes. They have grown from little balls of fluff into competent, confident Newfoundlands.



Mother Nature designed Newfie puppies to be at their most adorable at eight weeks. (Don’t you love the dew drops on this little guy’s nose?)



As part of the Adlers’ extensive socializing process, the puppies are exposed to airline crates as well as to loud noises and unexpected happenings. Those who fly to their new homes will do so with confidence.



People always worry that flying will be traumatic for the puppy. But a carefully bred, well socialized puppy will handle the experience with ease. When the puppy arrives at his destination, he pops out of his crate as though he’s been on a grand adventure. His tail is wagging and he’s eager for whatever comes next. A warm smile and a big snuggle from his new owner are the perfect welcome to his new life.



Many Sweetbay puppies travel via airplane. But some families drive to Sherwood to claim their puppy in person. This gives them the chance to visit with their pup’s littermates as well as the older Sweetbay dogs.



Some owners-to-be make a point to visit frequently. This way, they get to know the puppies intimately. They feel this helps them choose the right puppy. But puppies have very strong opinions, too, and they decide who they want to live with. A determined puppy can charm the socks off a prospective owner. Even though the owner thinks he’s chosen the puppy, the puppy knows better.



By eight weeks, Sweetbay puppies have had a wealth of experiences. When each puppy heads out to his new home, he is ready for anything his new life will offer.


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