Puppy Life At Sweetbay

Judi and Ellis whelped their first litter in December, 1974. It made for a memorable (and wonderful) Christmas. And each litter that has followed has been every bit as exciting and enjoyable. For the Adlers, the whelping and raising of puppies is still as engaging as it was way back at the beginning, and they’d like to share what it’s like with you. They hope you enjoy this photographic tour of “Puppy Life at Sweetbay.”


Chapter Contents
Chapter One Courting:
Boy meets girl. Boy seduces girl. (Or vice versa.) Sixty three days of gestation follow.
Chapter Two Whelping:
The mother-to-be becomes a full-fledged mother with the delivery of the litter. The puppies spend the first seven days in their mother’s company. They sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep …
Chapter Three One Week Old:
Days eight to fourteen bring rapid growth and a lot of action. The puppies are increasingly mobile. Their eyes and ears become functional. And their mom gives them a bit of independence. Daily visitors begin arriving now and continue throughout the following seven weeks. Their interactions provide the focused socializing that will ensure that the puppies become superb companions.
Chapter Four Two Weeks Old:
Days 15 to 21 find the puppies exhibiting a curiosity about the world around them. They enjoy being held, talked to, and carried about.
Chapter Five Three Weeks Old:
Days 22 to 28 come with big changes: the advent of pan food, the development of greater (and faster) mobility, and a pronounced interest in exploration.
Chapter Six Four Weeks Old:
Days 29-35 produce a huge change in their environment. They move from their cozy whelping box in the house to a roomy, adventure-filled indoor and outdoor pen outside. They are clearly ready for the extra exploring room, and revel in the new surroundings.
Chapter Seven Five Weeks Old:
Days 36-42 find the puppies covering more ground with each passing day. Everything is up for exploration. They are also allowed free interaction with the other (older) Sweetbay dogs, and everyone enjoys the mingling.
Chapter Eight Six Weeks Old:
Days 43-49 are much like the pups’ fifth week, only more so. More visitors, and even more territory to explore. The busy puppies start carting toys around, and they investigate anything that catches their fancy.
Chapter Nine Seven Weeks Old:
Days 50-56 are all about independence. The pups get individual house time, individual walks on leash, individual car trips, individual grooming sessions, and individual lessons. As a group, they have free rein to explore their environment. Very little time is spent napping; why sleep when there are so many fun things to do? A “well-baby check-up” visit to the veterinarian/cardiologist is also on the schedule this week.
Chapter Ten Eight Weeks Old:
Days 57-63 find the pups supremely socialized, with high energy levels and busy, curious brains. They are eminently ready to head off to their new homes.