Sweetbay's 1970's Titlists

Sweetbay produced its first litter in December, 1974. Eighteen months later, Sweetbay's Peter Courageous entered and passed the junior division at Seattle's water test. It was the first title for Sweetbay, the start of an amazing string that continues to grow each year.

Sweetbay produced very few litters in the 1970s, usually only one a year. This was very different from the well known kennels of the time who produced five, ten, and even more litters annually. But it wasn't long before the remarkable dogs from this small Oregon kennel started to get noticed at water tests, tracking trials, and obedience trials. Their instinctive working drive was coupled with boundless energy and exuberance, which made training fun.

Sweetbay's reputation began with family dogs. Not dogs owned and trained by professionals or by well known fanciers of the breed, but by newcomers: new to the breed, new to the sport, they were inspired by the skills their puppies possessed. And these families were instrumental in making Sweetbay a well known name in the Newfoundland breed.

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Sweetbay's 1980's Titlists

In the 1980's, Sweetbay solidified its reputation for fine working dogs, as well as for handsome breed champions. A new activity, draft work, came on the scene, a natural for these active athletic dogs, and Sweetbay families added draft titles to the obedience, tracking and water work they were already doing.

Sweetbay was still a very small kennel, producing only a limited number of puppies each year. Yet Sweetbay families continued to earn a disproportionate number of titles in all venues, pointing to the intelligence and trainability of these fine dogs.

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Sweetbay's 1990's Titlists

Sweetbay's third decade continued the successes of the previous two, with Sweetbay dogs earning titles by the dozens every year. This is astounding, and unprecedented. By comparison, most Newfoundland kennels do well to earn one or two titles a year, and only a very few earn more than five.

The newest activity for purebreds, agility, found Sweetbay dogs jumping into this exuberant game, and agility joined water, draft, tracking and obedience as an avenue for Sweetbay dogs to shine. Many dog people felt Newfoundlands were unsuited for agility, but the quick, smart, athletic Sweetbay dogs proved that to be completely unfounded. Maybe some were unsuited: but not Sweetbay Newfoundlands.

In 1999, Sweetbay posted its 600th title. As we head toward the twenty-first century, those of us with Sweetbay dogs look forward to welcoming new famiies to the Sweetbay group. Perhaps some of these new owners will discover the excitement, pleasure and pure joy that comes from loving and training a magnificent Sweetbay Newfoundland.

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Sweetbay's 2000's Titlists

Sweetbay entered the millenium with momentum and drive. Each new year brings a growth in enjoyment and learning to families and their Sweetbay Newfoundlands, as they discover the pleasures of sharing a lifetime with a special dog.

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Sweetbay's 2010's Titlists

Sweetbay enters its fourth decade with the same joy and commitment to the bond between dog and handler. Share the accomplishments of these special dogs by viewing the achievements listed on this page.

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