Studbook 2000

edited by Judi & Ellis Adler

The American Kennel Club (AKC) publishes monthly a listing of first-time sires and dams. They list the name of the dog, its date of birth, sex, AKC registration number, and color. Also, for each dog the stud book gives the name of the sire and dam and their AKC numbers and the dates they first appear in the AKC Stud Book. To complete the initial entry, the listing gives the name(s) of the owner and breeder. Here is an example of a complete listing:

Barbary's Coastin Sea Velvet (B)
WF942582 12-14-86 BLK
CH Jorgensen's Ranger Radar
WF672843 10-86
Briney Deep's Sea Genie
WF483825 6-87
L Gates & B Becker/B Becker


This entry is for Barbary's Coastin Sea Velvet, a black female, born 12-14-86. Her sire is CH Jorgensen's Ranger Radar. His AKC number is WF672843 and he first appears in the October 1986 issue of the Stud Book. Sea Velvet's dam is Briney Deep's Sea Genie. Her AKC number is WF483825 and she first appears in the June 1987 issue of the Stud Book.

This information along with the information derived from OFA data was used to create an MS Excel spread sheet. There are eight principal columns of information. Here are the column assignments:

Column Label
A Dog's Name
C Sire
D Dam
E Owner
F Breeder
H Studbook

Here is a sample showing the first three rows:

Dog's Name AKC No. Sire Dam Owner Breeder OFA Studbook
Abigail Of Nippers Harbor WP77521405 Hugybear's Old Jake (4013) Lady Kate (5064) Dudas, D. Allmandinger, J. no 200108

The name of the dog is Abigail Of Nippers Harbor. Her AKC number is WP775214-05. Her sire is Hugybear's Old Jake and her dam is Lady Kate. The numbers appearing in parentheses are the OFA hip clearance numbers. If they had no OFA hip and elbow clearances, then the notation (-) would appear. When there is an elbow clearance, the number is prefixed by EL. The owner, at the time of listing, is D Dudas. The breeder is J Allmandinger. The AKC Stud Book does not include complete first names. Using the current Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) membership roster an attempt to determine if the owner and/or breeder where members of the NCA at the time of listing. When an owner or breeder is an NCA member, their name appears in blue. This dog does not have a hip nor an elbow OFA clearance. The AKC studbook in which this dog appears is the August (08), 2001. This is expressed as 200108 and makes sorting the data keyed to the studbook entry easy.

The Excel file name is"2000's Studbook". These files have been compressed. You may obtain free software to expand the file by by copying the appropriate URL into a browser window: for Window operating systems use, and for Mac operating systems use As you use this book, please note any errors or omissions. We attempt to update the dog's titles as the information becomes available. Send us your comments and update information.

To down-load the file, click on the file 2000's Studbook.sit. If you want more informaton on OFA clear hip and elbow Newfoundlands, click here.

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