Newfoundland Art by Judi Adler

Judi Adler has been creating original dog art for decades. Her work most often features Newfoundlands, but expands into all other breeds as well.

Over the years, she has made countless trophies along with exhibitors’ and judges’ gifts, for Newfoundland working events. She’s made beautiful quilts to welcome new babies into the world; she has designed and created literally hundreds of original cards and stationery; and she has painted Newf scenes on anything with a flat surface (and sometimes not-flat surfaces). But she most enjoys creating something totally original on request, and then delivering a treasure that will be a never-to-be-forgotten present. (Smart husbands have been known to call and say, “I’m awful at picking gifts for my wife. But I know she’d love anything with a Newf on it. Got any ideas?”)

Here are a few of the many projects Judi has created over the years. If you’re interested in original art, and if these designs pique your interest, she’d be delighted to hear from you.

Art For Sale

Painted Furniture
Dog Cart Seats
Painting And Portraits
Paper Creations
Fabric, Floss and Yarn Creations
Chenille Creations
Knitted Zombies


For More Information, Contact:

Judi Adler
12320 SW Malloy
Sherwood, OR  97140
(503) 682-0604


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