Art Paper Collages and Creations

Water Test Tiles

Judi’s friend Debby Rothwell came up with a great idea. “Judi, could you make me small paintings of the various water test exercises? I’d like to print them up on ceramic tiles. We’d use them for trophies at our water test. Give a set of six to each qualifying dog. The six tiles would illustrate the exercises in the division the dog and handler just passed.”

Paintings? No. But cut-paper collages sounded like fun, and Judi grabbed her scissors, glue, and paper stash, and went to work.

She eventually shipped eighteen designs to Debby. They illustrated each of the six WD, six WRD, and six WRDX exercises. (And Debby’s resulting tiles were gorgeous –a trophy the qualifiers were thrilled to earn.)

Here are samples of some of the tiles.


WD Division: Take a Line, Tow a Boat, and Swim with Handler





WRD Division: Double Retrieve, Take a Life Ring, and Underwater Retrieve





WRDX Division: Abandoned Boat, Multiple Person Rescue, and Hidden Victims





Christmas Cards

For nearly fifty years, Judi has designed original Christmas cards – always, of course, with a Newfoundland theme. Each year’s card is different – and it’s always a challenge to come up with a new design. Mailing out Christmas cards may be a thing of the past, but it’s a tradition Judi loves, and one she refuses to give up. Those lucky friends who receive her clever cards are grateful she feels that way.

Over the years, others have asked Judi to design original cards for them. Judi likes knowing she’s not alone in practicing and appreciating this holiday custom.


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